Syrup Tonic Filling Capping Machine Aug 18 , 2022

For dry syrup or liquid syrup production, 50-500ml bottle.
Syrup Washing Filling Capping Machine includes syrup bottle air /ultrasonic washing, dry syrup filling or liquid syrup filling and capping machine. It is integrate design, one machine can wash, fill and screw bottle in one machine, reduce investment and production cost. The whole machine is with very compact structure, small occupying area, and less operator. We can equip with bottle handing and labeling machine also for the complete line.

Syrup filling
After bottle washing, bottle go to filling station. Dry powder adopt screw filling, and liquid use peristaltic pump, high filling precision, and frequency control, production speed arbitrary regulation, automatic counting. It has auto-stop function, no bottle no filling.

Screw capping
With cap handling
Optional drying, stoppering station
High qualified capping rate

Syrup Washing Filling Capping Machine Advantages
1.Customized capacity from 3000-12000bottles/hour.
2.High automation, reasonable operation process and optimization of integration.
3.Suitable for different size syrup, dry and liquid types.
4.Intelligent & Humanized Operation System. Humanized design for each station , PLC +HMI control.
5.No bottle no filling, no bottle no capping.
6.High filling precision and qualified rate.


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