Jerry Can Liquid Net Weight Filling Machine Capping Line Aug 18 , 2022

Big Drum Jerry Can 20L Weight Filling Line (Weight Filling Machine)

1.This weighing filling machine is used for 5kg -25 kg liquid filling. It can finish a series of operations automatically, such as bottle inlet, weight filling, bottle outlet. Especially for SL, edible oil lubrication. it is a nice choice for foodstuff, pharmacy, cosmetic and chemical industries.
2.Each filling head has the weigh and feedback system, each filling head can be regulated
3. This type filler adopts PLC to control, touch screen control panel, so it is convenient to set.
4.Photoelectric sensor, approximate switch and other electric elements are of the international famous brands. It ensures no container miss filling. The host machine will alarm if there is any container blocked.
5.It applies dive method to fill and it reduces foam; it is suitable for various kinds of filling products.
6.The whole machine meets GMP standard, it is easy to clean and maintain, and the parts which contact with the filling material are made of high quality stainless steel. The whole machine is safe, eco-friendly and sanitary. It adapts to various kinds of working places.


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