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Bottle Capping Machines

Discover capping machines and bottle cappers that are currently available at STRPACK. Bottle capping machines tighten and secure caps on any nearly any container type.
STRPACK are focused on the bottling industries requiring bottle capping machinery that can produce from 10 to 200 bottles per minute.
One of our best sellers is our Continuous Capping Machine. This capping machine can handle a wide range of caps and containers without change parts and is more forgiving and easier to set up than most bottle capping equipment in the industry.
When choosing a bottle capping machine you need to take into consideration many factors like capping speed, bottle material, and shape, compatibility between bottle and caps.

On plastic bottle cappers, it’s very important to take into consideration deformation that may happen when the capper is holding the bottles to prevent rotation when applying the required torque. There are many solutions for this type of bottle capping problems and it will depend on the shape, rigidity, holding spots among others.


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