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For powder packaging applications, the servo driven Auger automatic filling machine offers precision, speed and versatility when handling powders and granules. Engineered to accurately dispense and fill a wide range of products, our automatic auger dispensing machine includes stainless-steel construction, easy-to-remove tooling and hopper allow for simple cleaning and maintenance.

Auger filling technology is most commonly used in applications requiring portioning and dispensing of powders, spices, coffee grinds, chemicals, flour, sugar, salt, baking mixes and other products with similar characteristics. Our powder packaging machines are designed to accurately dispense your product by using a custom designed screw that will dictate how many revolutions are required to volumetrically achieve your desired weight.

All models include PLC controls, color touch screen, servo motor with drive for repeatable long term performance, stainless steel construction, easy to access product hopper and available feedback controls allow for fill volume adjustment.

Coffee, tea and cocoa
Infant formula
Instant products
Dietary supplements
Soups and sauces
Spices, Spreads
Beverage concentrates
Pet food


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