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STRPACK offers some of the best liquid filling machines available for products of all types. The versatility of our filling equipment makes them compatible with many different applications, depending on your specific system requirements.

features include:
Our inline liquid filler machinery systems come in a variety of sizes from 1-20+ head inline fillers.
Systems range from manual tabletop to fully automatic
Options for hazardous, corrosive or sanitary environments
Custom built for your specific application and budget
Robust construction--built to last
Designed for product versatility
Minimal downtime for maintenance & cleaning
Easy setup with quick changeover features

Optional Configurations
STRPACK manufactures a complete range of Sanitary Fillers to meet a wide variety of applications. All sanitary fill machines are designed with quick breakdown fittings, valves and pumps to be used where needed. All reservoirs have flanged quick disconnect fittings so that the fillers can be easily and thoroughly cleaned.

Corrosive Fillers
STRPACK Corrosive Fillers, machined completely out of PP, are designed to handle the punishment of a highly corrosive environment. Using 1/100 second timers on each individual fill head offers simple adjustment and extreme accuracy. This liquid filling equipment is designed to fill from a fraction of an ounce to five gallons and is capable of handling viscosities ranging from thin and foamy to very thick liquids.

Molten Fillers
STRPACK Molten Fillers are designed with an adjustable self-contained heating system, PLC operator controls, anti-drip/anti-foam nozzles and independent heating controls and those are just a few reasons why these molten fillers stand above the competition.

Chemical product filling has some specific requirements-like using equipment that can withstand chemical abuse. STRPACK's liquid-filling machines are custom-made to your exact specifications to make sure you don't run into trouble.

Petroleum and automotive products
Cosmetic & personal care products
Household & industrial cleaners
Acids & corrosive products
Candle & molten products
Pharmaceutical Filling Machines
Paints, stains & sealants
Food products & sauces
Agricultural products
Flammable solvents

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