Acids & Corrosives Liquid Filling Line

Our bottling equipment features robust construction from HDPE, UHMW, and PVC construction which holds up to corrosive environments.
Easy cleaning STRPACK’s filling machines are design and constructed to allow for a “quick flush” which maximizes their cleaning efficiency.

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Acids & Corrosives Liquid Bottle Filling Line

Water-thin and foaming corrosive liquids
Medium viscosity corrosive liquids
Acids such as hydrochloric acid
Bases such as sodium hypochlorite
Pool chemicals
Cleaning products


Toilet cleaner

  • Acids & Corrosives Liquid Bottle Filling Line
  • Fills wide range of product sizes: 100ml - 5L
  • Bottles Per Minute: 20-50 (depending on size and product viscosity)
Machines Included:
This automatic Acids & Corrosives Liquid Bottle Filling Line comes with everything you need to get your Acids & Corrosives Liquid bottling line up and running. It is designed to bottle 20-50 bottles per minute depending on product viscosity. Start your project today by filling out the form below!


STRPACK Specializes in manufacturing a full range of quality filling systems for bottle filling in a diverse group of industries. Our experienced sales and engineering teams understand the specialized needs of these industries and will work with you to develop a solution that will work for you. 

STRPACK Filling Line  can be manufactured in an array of configurations to suit your application. These configurations can also be combined so as to be very specific to your needs. 
Our bottle fillers range from entry-level table top units to fully automated filling systems. Our custom filling equipment can be tailored for industries such as:

Acids & Corrosives Liquid Filling Line
Liquid Soap & Hand Sanitizer Filling Line

Food and Sauce Filling Line

Janitorial and Household Cleaning Products Filling Capping Packaging Line

Personal care, Health, and Beauty Filling Packaging Line

Lubricant Engine Oil Filling Capping Labeling & Carton Packing Line

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