Agro Chemical Bio Pesticide Fertilizer Liquid Filling Packing Line Jun 01 , 2024

Bio-Pesticides Liquid Filling Machine, Fertilizer Filling Machine
Suitable for filling: Pesticide, fertilizer, suspending agents, liquids, emulsifiable concentrates, water-soluble fertilizers, acaricide, fungicide, herbicide, EC ,SC , SL etc.
Filling range: 50ml-1000ml (50ml, 100ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1000ml)Bottle shape: Round & flat bottles
Machines included: Intelligent bottle unscrambler, intelligent filling and capping machine, online checkweighing and rejection device, aluminum foil sealing machine, inkjet printer, two-dimensional code traceability system, high-speed unpacking machine, partitioning machine, intelligent packing machine, intelligent palletizer, robotic palletizer

Pesticide Fertilizer Liquid Filling Capping Machine Packing Line with different capacities can be chosen

Bottle size

6 Filling nozzles

8 Filling nozzles

10 Filling nozzles

12 Filling nozzles

16 Filling nozzles

50 ml

2,000 BPH

3,200 BPH

3,800 BPH

4,500 BPH

5,500 BPH

100 ml

1,800 BPH

3,000 BPH

3,500 BPH

4,300 BPH

5,000 BPH

250 ml

1,600 BPH

2,800 BPH

3,200 BPH

4,000 BPH

4,700 BPH

500 ml

1,500 BPH

2,500 BPH

3,000 BPH

3,600 BPH

4,500 BPH

1000 ml

1,300 BPH

2,300 BPH

2,800 BPH

3,300 BPH

4,300 BPH

STRPACK, the right technology for your agrochemical filling machines
The filling of agrochemical products requires adaptation to the variable characteristics of these high added-value products, to the multiplicity of containers, to the materials used and to different outputs.

STRPACK has developed technologies that enable us to meet the requirements of precision, filling control and cleaning quality that crop protection products demand. We have a wide range of machines to suit both small formats such as concentrates, and larger volumes (up to IBC: 1000L). So, we can fill the entire range of packaging needs in this sector, from low output to a complete automated line.


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