High Quality Perfume Filling Machines and Flagrance Bottles Filling Equipment Jul 05 , 2022

High Quality Perfume Filling Machines and Flagrance Bottles Filling Equipment

We offer whole production line in perfume product, in glass bottle, perfume raw material making chiller filter,vacuum filling, perfume collaring, capping machine. the capacity can be customized according to your needs. On the machine design, several kinds of perfume machine can be chosen semi auto, automatic, fully automatic.

Packaging Equipments for the perfume industry: STRPACK’s Perfume and liquid filling machines are designed to satisfy the wide scale needs of the Perfume industry operators. We manufacture optimized filling machines, manual tools and complete plants to manage your Fragrance filling needs and to make your production easier and smooth.
From the simplest manual perfume filling tools up to automated filling & crimping lines. Our clients are guaranteed post-sales assistance and flexible and reliable technical service.

We offer High Precision engineered perfume filling and crimping machines because they are manufactured with advance technology. Our products are easy to operate. You can find from the small manual tools to large filling capacity and high filling speed Equipments. Our perfume packaging machines are used for filling fragrances, cosmetics and other liquids, laboratory chemicals and so on.

Filling and closing line for perfume
fragrance 50 is a filling machine from the STRPACK engineered series. It is optimized to fill perfume, aftershave and eau de toilette at speeds of up to 50 units per minute.
In the production of cosmetics, flexibility is one of the most important criteria when deciding on a line. The STRPACK fragrance 50 opens endless possibilities: You can start with the full equipment offered or choose a less extensive configuration. You can expand and change the line at any time at a later date. This gives you maximum flexibility and security right from the get-go.


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