Anti Corrosive Strong 84 Disinfectant Liquid Cleaner Bleach Filling Machine & Capping Machine Mar 08 , 2021

Bleach Anti Corrosive Filling Machine, 84 Disinfectant Liquid Filling Machine

Anti-Corrosion inline liquid filling machine is a newly developed product by our company. It is developed wholly in corrosion standard. It is a high-tech filling equipment which is a combination of microcomputer (PLC) controlled photoelectric sensor and pneumatic actuator.

It is specially used for high corrosive liquid, such as bleach liquid, 84 disinfection liquid, toilet clean fluid, Bleach liquid and so on. can be used to fill corrosive liquid both with sticky or not, can fill round bottle or any other bottles(e.g: angle neck bottle). With features, such as precise filling volume, no drip, photoelectric detection, no filling when without bottle.


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