Tube Filling & Sealing Machine

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SFS-60Z Metal Tube Filling and Sealing Machine

Key Features

Ø Compact Design
Ø Driving Parts Fully-closed
Ø Pneumatic Tube Washing & Feeding
Ø Intelligent Temperature Control and Cooling System
Ø Easy to Operate and Adjust
Ø 316L Stainless Steel Contact Parts to meet GMP Standard
Ø Safety Interlock Shutdown when Door is Open
Ø Overload Protection Provided
Ø Automated Working process from Tube Loading to Finished Products Output
Ø Automatic Orientation Effected by Photoelectric Induction

Optional Devices

Ø Chiller
Ø Date Coding Embossing
Ø Automatic Tube Feeding Magazine
Ø Change Parts

Technical Parameters

Filling volume 1-120ml/unit (Adjustable)
Filling accuracy ≦±1﹪
Capacity 2400-3600units/hour (Adjustable)
Tube diameter Φ10-28 mm
Tube length 50-180mm
Hopper volume 40L
Equipped motor 1.1KW
Machine power 2kw
Dimension 1950×750×1850(mm)
Power supply 380/220 (Optional)
Weight About 900 Kg