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Automatic Vertical Cartoning Machine

Main characteristics:

1. International famous brand of electrical component such as PLC touch screen, frequency inverters, etc
2. Adopt human-machine operation system.
3. Automatically displaying device for trouble, speed and finished products counting.
4. Machine running without pressing if no products or incorrect position of products. And stopping automatically if incorrect position of product into carton after return or no cartons or out of leaflets continuous.
5. No products not suction leaflet, no leaflet not suction carton .
6. Automatic detection and rejection device for lacking blister goods and leaflets
7. Protecting automatically for overloading.
8. Stable performance , operation is easy.

Technical parameter:
No. Items Performance
01 Power supply AC220V; 50Hz (may customized)
02 Power 1.1 Kw
03 Air source -0.6Mpa clean and stable compressed air
07 Production capacity 15-60 bottles/minute
08 Machine weight about 600Kg
09 Machine dimension (L×W×H) 2400mm×1500mm×1500mm