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Rotary Powder Filling Machine

Brief Instruction:

It is rotary type powder filling machine which is suitable for filling high accuracy and variable density powder product such as milk powder, protein powder, flour, fine sugar, seasoning flavor, salt powder etc into containers like bottle, jar, can.
This machine is special for filling powder product into small opening bottles.


1. Ok for several size bottles by different change parts, fast change over.
2. With bottle sensor, no bottle no filling.
3. Bottle holding turn plate is vibrative to make sure the powder is full filled in the bottle.
4. Stainless steel machine structure, horizontal open type powder hopper, it is easy to clean.
5. Servo system to drive the auger device which is high accuracy and stable.
6. With PLC controlling system and Touch screen , stable performance and easy operation.
7. Powder feeding elevator is available for optional.


1 Speed 10-50pcs/Min
2 Filling range 5-100g
3 Filling accuracy ≤ 100g, Tolerance ≤≤±2%
4 Hopper volume 25L
5 Size of the container φ26-60mm, H 40-200mm
6 Metering Mode Auger dosing
7 Working Pressure 0.6-0.85Mpa
9 Power 1.5kw
10 Voltage 3P  AC208-415V  50/60Hz
11 Net Weight 400Kg
12 Size 1800×1050×1610mm