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Semi-automatic Aerosol Filling Machine

Brief Introduction:

semi automatic aerosol filing machine consists of liquid product filling station, valve sealing station and propellant inflating station. The 3 mentioned working stations are installed on the same working table. It could be operated by 1 worker or 3 workers per customer’s requirements. It’s suitable for a small and medium capacity production.
semi automatic aerosol filling machine is suitable for aerosol products production such insecticide, car care product, refrigerant, air freshener, hair spray, moisture spray and lubricant.

Size of aerosol valve to be adapted:1〞
It is liable in crimping quality and easy to adjust. Moreover, it has an over-size cylinder, thus enable it to effect crimping at 0.25-0.3Mpa air source pressure as well.
Maximum filling capacity:20, 50, 100, 400, 600ML. 
Production capacity:1200cans/hr, calculated at 100g/cab.

This bottler is mainly used to fill propane, butane, freon, dimethyl ether, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, oxygen, compressed air and 134a, etc. The main seals are maed of imputed material. Filling can be maed with various valves. A large capacity booster pump is used for bi-directional pressurization. Therefore, filling is quick and metering is accurate.


Nos. Technical parameter
1 Filling capacity 20-450ml (can be customized)
2 Filling accuracy ≤±1%
3 Production capacity 800-1200 cans/hr
4 Air source 0.6Mpa-0.8Mpa clean and stable air source
5 Can Height 60~350
6 Can Diameter Φ16~Φ100
7 Weight about 250kg
8 Dimension(L×W×H) 900×500×1500